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Venturi Blower 8"

Venturi Blower 8"

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High-Performance, Highly Efficient Venturi Air Blower

The unmatched performance of the Dynablast is recognized throughout the industry. When compared with older-style air horns, the patented air mixing chamber can produce up to a 40:1 air flow conversion and up to 26 percent savings on compressed air consumption.

Operating Principle: Compressed air or steam is admitted into the Blower through a single inlet connection in the housing leading to the mixing chamber. The air or steam jetted from the nozzle creates a “Venturi” action that induces a large volume of surrounding air to enter the blower through the aerodynamic inlet bell. The air is then discharged at high velocity through the horn-shaped diffuser.


Note: Operating efficiency depends on compressed air volume and pressure (see charts)

Standard five sizes: 2” 4” 6” 8” 10”
Heavy-gauge steel diffusers; aluminum diffusers available on 3HP & 6HP model
Compressed air or steam operated
Air flows range from 1,370 to 8,900 cfm (2,328 to 15,121 m3/hr)
Induction ratios up to 40:1

Multiple expansion nozzles machined into housing
High static pressure capabilities
No moving parts; virtually maintenance free
Static bonding cable with spring tension grip and replaceable contact tips.
Easily attach duct to outlet diffuser end
Inlet duct adapter available (optional)
Tripod for stationary mounting available (optional)



Use bonding cables when operating in hazardous locations to prevent static electricity discharges

Secure unit before admitting compressed air (or steam) to prevent damage or injury from high-reaction force

Do not allow solid objects or debris to enter inlet housing during operation

When exhausting fumes from an enclosed vessel, take care not to create a vacuum that could collapse the vessel


We are biggest importers for Venturi blowers in the middle east with branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

We also have a strong presence in Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.

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