About Us

Global Hardware & Tools L.L.C, a family owned endeavor started in the year 2005 before which it was operating under the name Delta Technical Equipment and Tools LLC since 1995. Global Hardware has since then operated under one motto of providing the best service and quality equipment provider at an affordable cost. This dedication towards keeping our client at the utmost priority has made us their number one choice.

Ashok Kamra the founder of the company, with an expertise of over 32 years in the Oil, Gas and Construction industry has a wide array of knowledge pertaining to the know how of tools, equipments and special items. So be it a pin to a haystack, nothing is impossible for us.

Global Hardware started off mainly into general hardware and consumable and now have now grown into specialization of a wide array products like Arc Flash Safety, Lockout Tagout Products, Fire Fighting Equipments, Spill Protection, High Voltage Electrical Mats, Measuring and Testing Equipments etc. 

We for one assure that there is nothing we wont and cant do. All we ask is your support and for you to believe in us so we can prove it.