Speed / Radar Gun with printer UAE
Speed / Radar Gun with printer UAE

Speed / Radar Gun with printer UAE

Portable Hand-held Radar Speeder with printer 

Technical specification
Speed Range: 16-318KPH
Long distance: 1066m
Power output 10~20 μW
Operating voltage 10.5~16.6V
DC battery: +10.5—16.5 D.C voltage, 0.75 ampere(maximum)
Reversed polarity protection: in-line diode protection
Electronic elements: 100% solid integrated circuit, transistor and other fittings.
Required temperature and humidity:-40~60℃;
Relative humidity: 95% (uncondensed)
Internal precision: ±0.1km/h
External precision: ±0.1km/h
Verification of external precision: frequency adjuster(K band frequency)
Display: 3-digit integer, LED,
Display: power-on status: radio-frequency interference and low voltage
Locking of follow-up time: synchronous following; input without error.
Microwave data:
Type of antenna: conical antenna
Type of lens: precise ground reflection
Polarity: positive circulation
Width of light-beam: 8°standard three-fold remote pick-up
Type of reception: downward Schottky emission to block the mixed-type LED
Micro signal: capacitor diode
Voltage output:24.150±0.1GHz(K band frequency)
Physical data:
Structure: light aluminum base, PVC case, 6 feet coiled power line and plug with solute
Small size 250*81mm
Light weight 788g (not include battery)
Hard Case, Radar Speeder, Power Cable, Printer, Printer Cable, Tuning Fork

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