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The new C.Scope MXT2 Transmitter is the ideal partner for the MXL2 Locator. The range of operating frequencies and adjustable power output is designed to make the MXL2 and MXT2 an extremely versatile combination for pipe and cable location that can tackle many varied locating tasks.

The MXT2 Transmitter from C.Scope has been designed to set a new performance benchmark. It is loaded with new features to help detect, trace and identify specific buried pipes and cables more effectively, reliably and accurately even in areas of high service density.

The C.Scope MXT2 Transmitterr is designed for use alongside an MXL2 Pipe and Cable Locator. It enables significantly more underground utilities to be detected, identified and traced. 

The MXT2 Transmitter offers a choice of frequencies to suit any job. Use the simultaneous 33+13kHz signal detectionfor general utility applications and detecting smaller buried pipes and cables such as telecoms, sheathed fibre optics and street lighting spurs, 8kHz traces deeper and over longer distances and the ultra low frequency 512/640Hz signal is invaluable for specialist tracing.

The MXT2 has a powerful One watt Power output which helps to get a detectable signal onto deeper and less conducting pipes and cables for complex locate tasks and provides longer distance tracing capability.  It also features aFOUR position power level adjustment so the operator has total control of how much power is in use and when.

The MXT2 Transmitter has a multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display that provides clear information about the functions selected. The display also shows the all important battery condition so the operator knows how much battery life is available.

A Pulsed or Continuous signal output allows operators to switch to the Pulsed Mode at the push of a button in high interference situations and keep on tracing. The SGV2 has a clear audible signal output to indicate when it is in operation. A useful in-built audio mute control is also included.

Using the MXT2 Trasmitter with the MXL2 Locator maximises the full performance capabilities of the new products resulting in the ability to detect, identify and trace significantly more buried services.

C.Scope provide a comprehensive training course including certification for the use of all our products.

Please contact us or download the brochure if you would like to know more about the MXT2.

  • 0.3 Watt low and high switchable Power Output.
  • 33kHz Signal Output.
  • Pulsed or Continuous Output Signal.
  • Audio Speaker Mute.
  • Two Signal Application Techniques:
    - Direct Connection
    - Induction
  • Accessory Tray: 
    - with Direct Connection Leads, Earth Stake, Connection Magnets, 10m Auxiliary Earth Lead and Instruction Manual.
  • Fully weatherproof design to IP65.

Product Name

SGA Signal Generator Black


Part No.



Output Power

High/Low toggle up to 1 Watt.


Product Dimensions

360 x 180 x 230mm



2.0Kg unit only.

3.4Kg incl. accessories.



4 x D (LR20) alkaline batteries typically giving up to 40 hours intermittent use at 20C.

Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries.


IP Rating




Transmitter Features
One Watt Power
- 33+131kHz
- 8kHz
- 512 / 640Hz
Pulsed/Continuous Output Signal
Signal Connection Modes
- Direct Connection
- Induction
- Wraparound
Display (LCD)
Accessory Tray*
Three Year Warranty**
4 x D (LR20)

* Accessory Tray includes Direct Connection Lead, Auxiliary 10m Earth Lead, Connection Magnets and Earth Stake.

*** Batteries. The MXT2 use 4 x D LR20 Alkaline or NiMh Rechargeable batteries.

Largest stockist in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman. 


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