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Gloss Meter

Gloss Meter

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Gloss Meter GM-60G

Application :
This very handy smart tool used very widely in production, at the lab, or with the customer related to the following industries :
-Floor maintenance
-Surface cleaning quality control
-Stone and tile gloss measurement 
-Quality control of paint and ink
-Polished metal surface ,measurement (chrome plating)
-Inspection of paint protection and waxing
-Auto-body paint inspection
-Surface inspection  of plastic moldings
-Evaluation of detergents and washers
-Checking masonry and washers
-Checking building exteriors
-Furniture Manufacture
-Yacht Manufacture
Light weight and portable
The 60° angle is universal for all applications
Measuring results on a wide and clear back-lit display.
Auto Power off Function
with high accuracy (±1 gloss points)
Low power consumption: works 40 hours and measures approximately 10000 data continuously
Highly damp proof , assures the instrument works under any terrible condition.
Low drift white light source of lumen : 6.0-7.01m to guarantee long term stability
The rock solid base and the extremely stable mounted optical components assures measurements to be accurate under all circumstances and conditions.
Covered by 2 years warranty
Measuring Range: 0-199.9GU (GLOSS UNIT)
Optical measurement angle :60 °
Stability: ≤±0.4Gs/30Min
Indication Error: ≤±1GU
Power Supply: 2*1.5V, AAA battery
Light Spot Size: 10*20mm
Size of the Measuring hole: 20*40mm
Environment Condition: Temperature: 0-40°C
                                            Relative Humidity: < 85%RH
Product Size: 145*28*70mm 
Product weight: 240g
Package Size: 250 * 180* 750 mm
Package weight: 1000g
Package: Aluminum Carrying Case 

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