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Fire Blanket UAE

Fire Blanket UAE

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1.Temp.resistance: 550C/1020F 
2.Thickness: 0.5mm 
3.Weight: 430g/m2 
4.Width: 1m
5.Smoke-free while being heated

Twill 430GSM 3732 Fiberglass Cloth for fireproof has an advantages of a high temperature, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, minimal shrinkage, elongation, high strength, filtering speed, sound absorption, shock absorption, insulation, flame resistance, folding resistance and so on.

1.Corrosion resistant, high strength, fireproofing, heat preservation, electrical insulation properties etc.
2.Don't need treatment, good soak, bonding with different of matrix resin.
3.Fiberglass cloth has good mechanical strength.
4.Good base cloth, you can coated silicone, aluminium foil, TEPT etc in it.

Insulation industry, oil pipe packing, duck work, building materials industry, shipbulding industry, composite material, good base cloth etc 
It is widely used in iron and steel industry.
This cloth is for thermal insulation, insulation and the coating.

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