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External Pipe End Heating Torch - Pipe Ring Heater

External Pipe End Heating Torch - Pipe Ring Heater

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Pipe Ring Heaters are mainly used and applied on steel pipeline for preheating prior to welding. 

Specification - 

- Gas Fired Heater are widely applied on steel pipeline preheating prior to welding

- Pipe are preheated by the flame from jet nozzle in uniform distribution around the ring.

- There are 6 symmetrical rollers around the Pipe Fired Heater running along the preheated pipe to ensure even heating effect. 

 - Light Weight and Easy to Use 

- Saves 70% of Cost as Compared to Heating Belts and Ovens

- All Burners and Rollers are replaceable. 

- Hinged split semicircle design is for easy installation.


  • Pipe Diameter14"- 80"

Sole importer of Pipe ring heaters in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman

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