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Manual Metal ID Tag Embossing Machine

Manual Metal ID Tag Embossing Machine

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Manual Metal ID Tag Embossing Machine is used for Embossing on Metals (Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Brass) Identification Tags.

Manual ID Tag Embosser is perfect solution for ID Tag Embossing with Easy Operation

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Standard Supply- with 4mm Character wheel (other sizes available upon request) Characters : English Capital Letters ( A-Z), Numeric (0-9) Symbols : Dot, Minus, Slash, X ( other Symbols and Characters are available upon request) Operation : Manual by Hand Volume: 440(W)X385(D)X160(H) in mm Net Weight : 8 KG

Model: STID404 


Largest stockist for manual metal id tag embossing machine in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman.

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