Speed / Radar Gun
Speed / Radar Gun
Speed / Radar Gun

Speed / Radar Gun

This radar gun is used to measure the speed of pitched baseballs or cars. It can measure the speed change in frequency accurately. This is a handy, multi functional speed gun. It tracks the speed of everything from pitching speeds, tennis serves, and downhill skiers to cars at the racetrack. It features a highly legible, four-row LCD graphic display, a trigger, and a two-way button pad. The radar gun provides instantaneous and real-time speed measurements accurately. Don't miss it!
1. Feature large LCD graphics display and a two-way button pad
4. Batteries with long lifespan
5. Reliable quality and good after-saleservice
6. Velocity speed gun in Both MPH and KMPH 
7. Sports 6–110 mph
8. Auto Racing 6–200 mph
9. Pistol grip
10.Accurate ±1 mph

1. Brand: Bushnell 
2. MPN: 101911 
3. Type: Radar gun 
4. Weight: 24.66 oz / 699 g
5. Package Dimensions: 14.25 x 11.30" / 36.20 x 28.70 cm (L x W)

Package Includes:
1 x Radar Gun

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