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Global Hardware and Tools LLC

Cold Cutting Pneumatic Pipe Saw

Cold Cutting Pneumatic Pipe Saw

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Cold Cut Hacksaws for pipes up to Ø 440 mm / 16"

Compressed air hacksaw for pipes and profiled sections.

- Ideally suited for trimming pipes and shaped section made of steel, cast-iron, autoclaved aerated concrete and plastics.

- Clamp and feed device available for profiles and pipes from Ø 80 mm to Ø 400 mm.

- Adjustable clamping devices permit mitre cuts up to 45° as well.

- Clamp and feed device.

- Adjustable clamping fixtures. * With chain extension.

Largest stockist of cold cutting and beveling machine in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman.

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